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TOROIVD® Self-Collection Kit
    Publish time 2023-07-26 11:33    

TOROIVD®Self-Collection Kit is universal  for all TOROIVD® GeneTest Tube. The sampling buffer  is compatible with direct qPCR&RT-qPCR Premix from TOROIVD and can inactivate the envelope viruses immediately. Up to 5 swabs can be combined in a sampling tube to improve accuracy. Due to the dropper design, sample loading is as easy to use as the Ag-tests.

TOROIVD® Self-Collection Kit


  • TOROIVD®Self-Collection Kit is a POCT brick specially designed for "Dropper PCR", which can be easily set up a qPCR reaction with the Gene Test Tube and 5G Reaction Mix bricks. During the use process, it does not rely on professional personnel, pipettes and any instruments. Specially designed for POCT, the sampling buffer can keep the nucleic acid free from degradation for 4 hours at room temperature, and compatible with direct  5G Reaction Mix from TOROIVD or nucleic acid extraction kits from other company. If the collected samples are used for lab tests, it should be shipped and stored at -20℃. Due to the dropper design of the sampling tube, sample can easily added into the test tube without other tools, which is as easy to use as the Ag-tests.


  • -Inactivation upon sampling: Envelope viruses can be inactivated immediately in the sampling buffer.

  • -Extraction free: The sampling buffer is compatible with direct qPCR&RT-qPCR Premix from TOROIVD.

  • -No pipette required: Due to the dropper design, sample loading is as easy to use as the Ag-tests.

  • -Combined sampling: Up to 5 swabs can be combined in a sampling tube to improve accuracy.


  • The kit can be used for self-collecting various samples by the swabs. For example, it can be used for sampling the oral cavity, nasal cavity, anus, vagina, traumatic surface or other parts of humans and animals. The swabs can be used as blood swabs for blood collection. Environmental sample, such as human body and object surface can be sampled after wetting the swab with pure water.

    If other types of samples need to be collected, please contact us for a customized solution.


【Sample pretreatment】

  • -Sample collection: Please collect the sample according to the requirements of the specimen. After sampling, please insert the swab into the sampling tube, and break it at the break-point, keeping the swab head in the sample buffer.

  • -Sample pretreatment: -To accelerate the inactivation and lysis of the virus, please immerse the sampling tube in a boiling water for 5 min. To avoid aerosols during opening the cover, please stand the sampling tube for 5 min and and cool it to room temperature.

  • Notes:

    -To avoid cross contamination, please perform sample pretreatment at the sampling point.

    -Please perform nucleic acid tests within 4 hours after sample collection and pretreatment.

【Dropper PCR Preparation】

  • Remove the transparent dropper cap of the Self-Collection Tube with sample.

  • -Drop 1 drop sample into the test tube directly above the tube.


  • - Fully thawed 5G Reaction Mix to room temperature and remove dropper cap.

  • -Drop 1 drop 5G Reaction Mix into the test tube directly above the tube.



  • - Please cover the test tube cap and lightly flick the tube wall. Fully mix and place it in the qPCR cycler.


  • Store the kit at room temperature for 12 months.    


【Order infromation】

 Cat NO.






TOROIVD® Self-Collection Kit

48 sets/kit




TOROIVD® Self-Collection Kit

(for RNA)

48 sets/kit