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Founded in Shanghai,China in 2005, TOROIVD has been a distributor to sell the PCR and qPCR reagents in China. Since 2018, we have been focusing on development and manufacturing of qPCR raw materials, qPCR premixes, and innovative POCT bicks for scientists, IVD reagent manufacturers,grass-roots medical workers and veterinarians. Based on 15 years of accumulation in enzyme engineering and qPCR technology, we have developed a novel PCR polymerase, 5G polymerase, and  a innovative POCT , dropper qPCR, which is leading the qPCR technology. It has been widely used in the fields of human and animal disease detection, GMO testing and scientific research in China. In 2022,TOROIVD was recognized as the  "Specialized and New Enterprise”and “Hi-tech Enterprise” in Shanghai. TOROIVD has received honors as "Top 50 Enterprises with the Most Investment Potential in Shanghai 2020"  and  "First Prize of Innovation Cup in Baoshan of Shanghai”.


 Factory in Jiangshu

 2700m2      ISO 13485 Passed 

 Headquarter in Shanghai 

 1900m2      ISO 9001 Passed 

Our Mission:  One Test  One Health

One Health is jointly initiated by  the FAO, WOAH,UNEP and WHO,which is an integrated, unifying approach that aims to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems. Based on the current lack of a perfect monitoring technology, TOROIVD aims to continuously innovate qPCR technology and applications, and develop one test solution for One Health worldwide.

Our Vision: TOROIVD is qPCR

The COVID-19 epidemic revealed that the current qPCR technology is far behind the  prevention requirements. The underlying reason is that most of scientists have a skin-deep understanding of MIQE gudeline, and so as that the vast majority of qPCR data in the paper is non reproducible, which limits the widespread application of qPCR. Furthermore, industrial R&D staff have insufficient understanding of the QbD concept, resulting in the stability and applicability of the product being only suitable for expensive laboratory use and unable to popularize it to the public. TOROIVD is the first to develop and design qPCR products based on MIQE and QbD, aiming to provide top-class products for research and diagnosis. At the same time, revolutionize the popularization of qPCR to the public.

Our Values: Continuous Evolution Harmonious Symbiosis

TOROIVD focuses on qPCR technology, continuously evolving enzymes and buffers to enhance qPCR technology and applications. We adopt an open and flexible cooperation approach, providing products and solutions to our partners from different levels. For the scientists, we offer the highly specific dye qPCR Premixes and RT kits based on MIQE. For IVD kits manufacturers, we offer the screening kit to screening the optimal of qPCR raw materials so as to greatly accelerate the R&D speed. For the grass-roots medical workers and veterinarians, we offer the POCT bricks and solutions to use qPCR tests anytime, anywhere.For all distributors, we can offer the bulk package to OEM and ODM and a customized test items with your own sequence of primer-probes sets.

Our Team in China

One world One health