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TOROBlue® RT Kit for qPCR-FD-
    Publish time 2019-03-01 17:35    

A room-temperature stable RT kit with Freeze-dried RT PreMix is  optimized for highly efficient synthesis of short-chain cDNAs suitable for qPCR. The protocol is simple, and the reaction can be completed in 10-25 min.

TOROBlue® RT Kit for qPCR-FD-


  • TOROBlue® RT Kit for qPCR-FD- is a room-temperature stable RT kit to perform for qPCR. The engineered reverse transcriptase in this kit allows the synthesis of high-quality first-strand cDNA. 2×RT buffer for qPCR is  optimized for highly efficient synthesis of short-chain cDNAs suitable for qPCR. The protocol is simple, and the reaction can be completed in 10-25 min.


  • -Room-Temperature stable: the performance is not easily decrease during during storing and shipping. 

  • -Easy-to-use: add 50μL 2×RT buffer into a single tube to prepare the RT premix easily.

  • -Maximum flexibility: cutting each tube allows for 5 or10 RT reactions.

  • -High performance:an engineered reverse transcriptase allows the synthesis of high-quality cDNA.


  •  TOROBlue® RT Kit for qPCR-FD- includes the following reagents, which can be used for 120 reactions for a total 20µL reaction volume or 240 reactions for a total 10µL reaction volume .

  • NO.




    Freeze-dried RT PreMix-002-

    8-tube strips×3


    2×RT buffer for qPCR



    Water-DEPC treated


  • Notes: Freeze-dried RT PreMix-002 contains lyophilized  Reverse transcriptase, RNase Inhibitor and, Random hexamer and/or oligo(dT)20 primers; 2×RT buffer for qPCR contains reaction buffer optimized for highly efficient synthesis of short-chain cDNAs suitable for qPCR. 


  •  Store the kit at 2-8℃ in a dry environment for 24 months.


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